Space, a Nepali rock band who has been in the spotlight after their wonderful performance on the Yomari session II. The Band is occupied by  Riken(Guitar), Rojib(Guitar), Bikki(Drums ), Nikita(Vocalist), Ritav(Bass) as a band member. The band recently announced their music video for “Dreaming” off their debut album ‘Eye/I’, which was launched in 2018 without disclosing the actual date of release.

The band disclosed the information through their official social media accounts writing:

With the talented Mimicha Rimishna on board…
we will soon be releasing the music video for “Dreaming” from our debut album “Eye/I”…
We can’t thank her enough for this..and all of you …always here…with us…we hope you will enjoy this…as much as we have


The band has dropped their latest video of Meet The Bright a few months ago, check out if you haven’t till now.

Let’s go through the playlist of them performing on Yomari session II If you have missed it somehow.