The Elements, Wonderful trio with Ishan R. Onta as the lead vocalist, Dipesh Gurung on drums, and Raunaq Singh Adhikari also as the bass guitarist, and the guitar. The band never fails to connect with their well-wishers.

Likewise, The band recently had shared clips of collection of their beautiful moment while making “Gagan“. “Gagan” is their newly released song, as they have already said before, they went out of the valley to record “Gagan” and more upcoming project of them.  They shared their journey making us feel like we were there together with them while working on “Gagan” through their official Facebook page writing:

We went away for a while, to create, experience and live music like we’ve never before. This is Gagan, one of the five songs we wrote during our 10 day life experience in orange farm..250 kilometeres away from kathmandu. We’re working everyday to bring our thoughts into songs we can share with the world. thank you for loving us,thankyou for listening. Thankyou @breezendra for joining us in our journey ,to capture these priceless moments!


Check out their new released project “Gagan”, if you haven’t till now.