The heartthrob of every teenage girl of Nepal, Swoopna Suman, byname of Suman Thapa writes a Facebook post about missing the tours and enjoying on being on stage. On his Facebook page, he writes:

“I miss touring and being on stage. ??
Anyways, (a) new song comes out next month hai.
Stay safe everyone. ??♥️♥️”

As in the caption above, he wished his fans for their safety with a note that he is going to release a new song the next month.

The singer recently released the animated lyric video of his song “Aama Ko Maya Ra Uni” a few days ago. This song has the lyrics of Arjun Subedi in tandem with the music of Sarad Yuvraj Singh.

Slightly before, he released his new single “Juneli Raatma”. Suman composed the lyrics and the music for the song in addition to singing it.

The singer is mostly famous for his songs “Ma Timro”, “Kasari Bhanu” and “Kunai Din – The Coffee Song”.