Bipul Chettri, an Indian singer who sings in the Nepali language and plays Himalayan folk music with a contemporary touch, had released his debut album “Sketches of Darjeeling” in July 2014. The album “Maya” followed the album in 2016. The pioneering debut album is now available on vinyl record with lyrics and a foreword by Nima D.T. Namchu. About the nature of the records, this is pressed for 45 rpm (7 inches) unlike the common 33 1/2 rpm to enhance the sound. The collectable vinyl record is produced by Wild Yak Records, which is in the industry for a long time. The number of the EU press collecter’s edition vinyl records will limit to 500 copies only.

The album was recorded between 2014-13 inspired by the life on the hills of Darjeeling. The singer had blended Nepali folk music with the contemporary western musical elements, which would speak the language of the heart of the people of the hilly region.

The singer Chettri is highly admired for his combination of different genres by his fans. His diverse style in music and beautiful pieces of music in the songs are the reasons by he is acclaimed.