9o’s favorite Pop icon Nabin K Bhattarai has made our high school time very entertaining. And trying to make us feel young again, he seems to be collecting his old hits nowadays. As he has been Uploading his old songs on his official YouTube channel. If we visit his YouTube channel right now, it sure will take us back to the time when those songs used to rule almost everyone’s heart.

Along with him actively releasing new songs like Jhari, Sakdina, and Timi Sanga Nai. His channel is full of Lyrical video, original video, or recreated version of his popular songs back then. He has been uploading songs like Timro Maya Le, Timi Malai, Bhautari Raheko, Raat Bityo, Dobato ma, Timilai Manparauxu, Sanjh Dhaldaicha, and everybody’s favorite Sajha Pakha.

He has also Created an official music video for his first released song Aankhama Timilai from the album Raharai Raharma just a few months ago.

Check Out his recently uploaded Video of Songs, Timilai Manparauchu from his 10th album Nakshatra

Sajha Pakha” from his 2nd album Aavash

And, Sanjh Dhaldai Cha from his 7th album “The Blue”