The band “Sabin Rai and The Pharaoh” are set to release the lyrical video of their version of the song “Samarpan”. The song by the band has been included in their album “Dhanyawaad” released in 2019. The singer hasn’t announced the date of release yet.


The lead singer of the band is the rocker Sabin Rai who is also known as the Bryan Adams of Nepal. In the same way, Binod Lama Tamang is on the drums alongside managing the band. Likewise, Nikesh Katwal and John Shrestha work on the guitars. Similarly, Jeevan Lama plays the bass for the band. There are two more members Steven Tamang and Subash Gurung in the team.

The songs included in their album Dhanyawaad were the following.

  1. Dhanyawaad
  2. Samjanchu
  3. Samarpan
  4. Nilo Chata
  5. Sutukai
  6. Raftar
  7. Paisa

The band has been too busy for the tours after their formation. They also participated in the unplugged concert of Kripa Unplugged Season 3.