Mukti Shakya (left) and Udo Kirch

Mukti Shakya, the front man and lead guitarist of the band Mukti and Revival, has been playing Blues for more than two decades. This band is one of the best blues bands of Nepal. His albums “Bujhai Deu”, “Kalanki Ko Jam” and “Dekhdai Chhu Ma” have gained much popularity among Nepalese music fans. Mukti Shakya himself is one of the finest guitarists of Nepal. In an interview with the Kathmandu Post, he said, to him the blues music is “three chords” music,one that is easy to catch and one that lets you express yourself unbridled.

In the following video Mukti Shakya sings and plays guitar for the song “Dalli Resham” with a German Citizen, Udo Kirch. He and Udo Kirch started singing Nepali folk in 1987. At that time, Mukti Shakya had his band the Elegance. Here is the rare video.