The crossroads singer Sanjaya Shrestha, has asked the fans to support the “People to People” charity. The charity distributes relief packages to the victims of the floods and landslides in the rainy season of Nepal. The singer and his team took on the task last year as well. He posted the information on his Facebook page.


Every rainy season, many people lose their lives due to floods and landslides. The terrains of the hilly region and the rise of the levels of broad rivers and their tributaries make the calamities inevitable. Like always, many deaths have been reported this year as well and the monsoon is at its peak. So, many people are still at a high risk of displacement and deaths. Altogether 114 people have lost their lives and 48 people have gone missing because of the disasters. Many districts have been affected of which Bajhang, Jajarkot, Myagdi, Darchula, Kalikot, Palpa, and some other districts have reported deaths. Likewise, many people have reported the loss of their home, lands and property due to the calamities.