Amrit Gurung, who is widely recognized as the frontman and the heart and soul of the world’s well-known music band, Nepathya is well known for his down to earth nature.

We have known him for nearly 3 decades now and since then Gurung always seems to adopt an ordinary lifestyle. Lyrics of his songs also yell his simplicity loudly, but when it comes to rocking the stage he never keeps it low.

Besides singing, he is also passionate about photography, painting, and mostly travelling. He has been to more than 70 out of the 75 districts of Nepal, most of them on foot.

And during this pandemic, it seems like he has adopted a new hobby. His picture of enjoying farming with other farmers wearing muddy half pant, hat, and a t-shirt is all over the internet nowadays.

Amrit Gurung is gathering benefits of pandemic spending time in his ancestral home “Mulpani” between Kaski and Syangja.

Along with farming, Gurung looks after numbers of local cows, oxen, 4 buffaloes, and herds of goat. It seems very encouraging when people have been staying home giving excuses about the lockdown.

Despite his busy farming schedule, he practices vocal for a few hours a day where birds accompany him by chirping along. And he is also working on 3 songs. One is about Humla’s Chankheli Lek, another is a poem written by Illameli poet Arjun Sapkota, and Another one is also from poet TulasiDiwas.

According to him if everything goes normal till Holi, Gurung is planning on publishing Holi Song on Bhojpuri tune. Which he hopes to be an upcoming Holi anthem by Nepathya.