Dibesh Pokharel known by his stage name Arthur Gunn is a Nepalese- American singer-songwriter from Wichita, Kansas. He is back with his 3rd album “Self Titled” released on 14 Jul 2020 on Spotify and iTunes. Album contain 7 songs like Find A Way, chill, and justice. 

American Idol started his career, but he has had an interesting journey. He immigrated to Wichita, Kansas, in 2014 when he was 16. A year before that he used to perform in the bars and pubs of Kathmandu. After moving to Wichita, he started playing at local coffeehouses and street corners. In 2018, he then released an album called “Grahan” and He released another album, KHOJ, in 2019 with singles including “Ma,” “Khoj” and “Karnali (The River). Later in 2019, he participated in American Idol which completely changed his life.

He is popular for his unique husky voice, the reason behind his unique voice is the influence of classic rock. his major musical influences from personalities such as Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt. Even during the American Idol’s Hollywood Week episode, judge Lionel Richie complimented Arthur by saying he reminds him of Bob Marley.

He is a multi-talented person. He is a singer and songwriter who is a master at playing the guitar, but he also plays the drums and the harmonica. He explained how his fascination over arts and the biblical name ‘Hur’ (which translates to Hole) led him to adopt the first name. ‘Gunn’ for him represented battle, and the meanings led him to adopt the name, Arthur Gunn.

“Nyano Ghar” is his most popular song which has over six million views on YouTube

His latest song is “Love is my Redemption”


  1. Goodness (feat Angelo Tomas)
  2. Find A Way
  3. Justice
  4. Revolution
  5. Lady Luck
  6. Chill
  7. Coastliness