The beautiful song “Photo Firim Ma” by the young singer Rachana Rimal has crossed 5.1M views on YouTube. The song is written by Shishir Bhandari, who also has composed the music for it. Similarly, Kushal Singh has arranged the music. Likewise for the instruments, Sanjeev Baraili, Nagendra Rai, Hemanta Kanchha Rasaily have worked on guitar, flute and sarangi respectively. This song was released on 21 March 2020.

The aspiring singer Rimal was a contestant of the season 3 of the singing reality show “Nepal Idol” where she was successful to enter Top 8 round of the show. Recently, she has also lent her vocal on a Teej song “Aayaun Cheli” which has also recorded 1.7M views just after a week. Furthermore, the singer Pratap Das has also officially recorded his version for “Photo Firim Ma” which has also garnered 620K views and is on number 3 on Trending list of YouTube. Therefore, this song can be considered quite successful in Nepali music scene.