Guitar-virtuosi Steve Vai, a name we all know has been rocking this industry for more than 4 decades. Yesterday with an interview with Guitar Magazine, he said is working on 3 new albums. He mentioned he will be doing one album with an 8-string guitar.

“One record was going to be all clean guitar tones. The second one was going to be my normal dirty tone. The third one was going to be this tuned-down eight-string stuff, like the heaviest stuff I could possibly dream of.”

Though he revealed about working on 3 albums, but we shouldn’t go expecting any of these releases any time soon.

“Once I let something out that I’m doing, people expect it right away. So I should preface this with, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

In June 7, he released instrumental Candle Power which will be featured in one of the albums mentioned above. In this track, he uses overall clean tone in a Strat-style Ibanez where he plays finger-picking.

I never developed my finger-picking, but I thought, OK, let me try it. Something will come out of it. I had never seen this technique being used quite this way, but I assumed it was done before by perhaps many players. After the track came out, some people had mentioned that Jerry Donahue did things like this, so I checked him out, and yes, he was doing similar-type things decades ago, although it was new for me.