There are lots of legends in musical field who contribute their whole life in Nepali Music industry. Nepal is very proud to have such legends in musical industry. But, there is a natural process that, once people are born they have to die soon or later.

Similarly, many popular musicians of Nepal are no more.  But their golden performances and their contribution in music industries of Nepal are still alive in our mind. Nobody could replace their memory and their place from our mind anymore. Moreover, they are always remains as legendary in our musical industry.

In this video, we have some most popular musician, who passed away in 2073. Really they are so amazing and very talented musician and those legendary are listed below:

* Khem Raj Gurung,
* Sunil Bardewa,
* R.P Bhattarai,
* Bishnu Bhakta Phuyal,
* Yama Buddha,
* Panna Kaji,
* Mahesh Palpali.