Sambodhan is one of the finest compositions in the history of Nepali music. This song being a dedication to Royal Family killed in Royal Massacre, is close to the hearts of Nepalese. This song is from album Satabdi which was released in 2001 by 1974 AD. The lyricist and the composer of this song is Adrian Pradhan, former lead vocalist of 1974 AD. “Sambodhan” is one of the greatest Nepali songs which have reserved significant places in the history of Nepali music.

Adrian Pradhan is one of the most versatile musician in the Nepali Music industry. He is the former member of the legendary band-1974 ad.He can play a variety of musical instruments from guitar to drum, harmonica and so on.

It has been almost two years that he left 1974 ad and embarked on a solo journey. Adrian had wonderful songs in his solo account though he was equally dedicated to the band. Songs like nabhana, sara khusi, khairo khairo, sathi, etc are his hits.

Adrian Pradhan, the lyricist and composer of this song, sings an unplugged version in Piano. Here goes the home video.