Rajesh Payal Rai or “Rai is King” along with Bindu Pariyar has come up with a new song Hawa Le Chhuda Pani Daha Bho. For the song, Dr Krishna Hari Baral has written the lyrics. Similarly, Mahesh Khadka has composed the music. OSR Digital has the rights for the song.

Rajesh Payal Rai is a versatile singer who has been entertaining Nepali music lovers since 1995. His debut solo album was Murchanna and since then he hasn’t disappointed his fans. To add upon this, he has been playback singer for more than 500 Nepali movies and that has been a record in the industry. Not only he lends his beautiful voice for Nepali songs, but also for other languages like Japanese and Bhojpuri. Undoubtedly, he has been awarded many times for his singing talent.

In the like manner, Dr Krishna Hari Baral isn’t a common person either. Currently, he is a professor of Nepali literature at Central Department of Nepali, Tribhuvan University. In addition to that, he has published books of linguistic and collection of lyric poetry. Furthermore, he has a hand in writing course books on Nepali from class one to Masters level. He has written so many beautiful lyrics, which has led some critics to call him ‘magician of the words’ and ‘lyricist of the lyricists’.