Underside, one of the best Nepali metal bands, has been continuing with the charity “Metal For Nepal” to ameliorate the condition instigated by the CoViD-19 pandemic in Nepal. The mission of the non-profit organization is:

  1. To provide basic need supplies to migrant workers stranded at the Indian border with no access to food and water.
  2. To supply food, water, and other necessities to labourers and daily wagers within the country.

They published a message regarding this charity on their website. In the message, they stated that they want to highlight the crisis of a third-world country like Nepal. Furthermore, a lot of migrant workers from India are trying to get home which has caused a humanitarian crisis at the border. Likewise, the daily wagers in Kathmandu are dying from starvation. So, the band wanted to do something about it as they did during the 2015 deadly earthquake, which destroyed over 600,000 homes. In the message, they also mention that they have built over 300 houses in Gorkha with the help of their partners and the global metal community. Hence, they want to embark similar steps for this crisis as well.

Message as it is from Underside

Hello, this is Underside from Kathmandu, Nepal. We hope you’re all keeping safe in these strange times. We’re aware the whole world is struggling with the consequences of this pandemic, but wish urgently to highlight the crisis currently afflicting a third-world country like Nepal.

As seen in many societies, it’s the people at the bottom of the ladder suffering the most. Thousands of migrant workers from India are trying to get home, causing a humanitarian crisis at the border. People haven’t had access to food and water for days.

This is simply unacceptable. Even in Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu, daily wage workers are dying from starvation. We want to do something about it, just as we did during Nepal’s cataclysmic earthquake in 2015, which destroyed over 600,000 homes. 

With the help of our amazing Swiss friends at No Silence for Nepal Association and the support of the global metal community, we were able to build over 300 homes in the district of Gorkha. 

We firmly believe the Metal and Arts community will come together once again and help us save lives! We are requesting your support in whatever way you can.

How to help us:

  1. Harness the power of social media: make a post, record a video, go live: let fans know about the cause, post a link – show them where to go to make a donation.
  2. Purchase our merchandise and artwork to donate to the cause.
  3. Make a donation to our auction.

We are working with a few frontline partner organisations and we will update you regularly to show you the differences your donation has made in people’s lives. 

Stay safe and lots of love from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Update on the Charity

Recently, they posted an update on Instagram regarding the provision of food, water, shelter and essential supplies to the migrant workers at the Bhittamod-Mahottari Border Holding Point with the help of their partner organization Sano Paila.

You can also support their cause by buying their merchandise from the following link . For more information, you can visit their website