Social distancing and self-quarantine has made performing live music and attending live shows all but impossible. In isolation, music feels more necessary than usual which is why our favorite band Albatross are finding other ways to perform and entertain as they announced their “Albatross from home” series where they are having fun filming themselves from their individual home and reacting cover videos via their official YouTube channel.

Band recently uploaded rendition of their own song Bachau. Bachau is one of the tracks from the band’s upcoming album, ‘Raat ko Rani’. Starring Namita Tamang and Bibek Khadka and produced by Rohit Shakya.

Albatross, they are the biggest deal in Nepali rock today. Formed in 1998, evolved from a three-man school band and now currently consisting of four members, Albatross has made their presence known nationally and internationally. With a huge influence among the current youth generation, Albatross is also popular among anyone who likes Nepali Contemporary Music.

Albatross also released the Yama Buddha tribute track, ‘Kaha Janchau’, which featured rapper Uniq Poet recently via the band’s YouTube channel . According to the band, ‘Kaha Janchau’ is dedicated to Anil Adhikari aka Yama Buddha.