Pashupati Sharma has posted a present for the festival of Teej 2077 BS. He released a song Lobhi Dai on July 04, 2020. The song also has an alternate title as Corona Le Rokyo Jhyappai. This song is a duet by him and Samjhana BhandariHe also provided lyrics and music to it. Keshab Badu did the arrangement. This is his second song for this year. In other words, he released his first song Munchhe Jhilke Jhilke a week ago.

Talking about the song, it is a conversation between a brother and his married sister. The brother is actually mean but is explaining that he had a lot of plans after inviting her sister to his house. Now that Coronavirus crisis has hit hard, he cannot invite his sister which he never wanted to. On the other hand, the sister wants to visit him because he hadn’t the chance to do so the last year.

Going past, the public loved the singer’s songs like Malai America Yehi, Lutna Sake Lut, Euta Aatma Chha, Jham Jham Darkiyo Paani, etc. He also has been singing Teej songs as the trend started to involve male artists in the songs. Suhayo Chaupattai, Lauri Harayo and Australia Kanda were some of his Teej songs from last year. 

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