There isn’t possibly a person who doesn’t recognize the band 1974 AD. Any 1974 AD fan would remember all the lyrics of their songs. Having said that, Chaubandi Cholo is no exception. Phiroj Syangden wrote the beautiful lyrics. He is also on the Vocals and the Guitar. Similarly, Adrian Pradhan has played drums. In the same way, Manoj Kumar KC, Nirakar Yakthumba, Sanjay Shrestha and Manose Newa have performed on Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Flute respectively.

1974 AD had many changes in the band. However, they reunited in 2019 and surprised the fans. After their reunion, they released a new album Nirantarta and have been publishing music videos of their old songs. Undoubtedly, these music videos decorate the songs. Also, fans are delighted to watch their favourite band members together in their loved songs. Recently, they have released the music videos of Eklai Chhu, Nepali Ho and Sambodhan on their official YouTube Channel.

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