Anju Panta, a prominent singer in Nepal, is actively working on her new songs. Since last month, she has recorded the following songs:

Talking about the singer, she has sung many popular ghazals and playback songs like Na Birse Timilai, Banki Chari, Maile Timilai, Surke Thaili Khai, Purva Paschim Rail, Timile Parai Thane Pachhi, Malai Basuri Le, and many more. For her important contribution to the music industry, she has been awarded many times. Besides her musical activity, she is also actively working as a social worker. For this, she has been operating an organization called ‘Anju Panta Foundation’ which provides help to the needy, the children and the women. The recent example would be the distribution of free food during the CoViD-19 pandemic crisis.

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