Phiroj Shyangden,former member of the legendary band of Nepal- 1974 A.D. is a legend by himself as well. Filled with talent so great that Phiroj Shyangden can be regarded as a synonym for talent and sucess in the field of Nepali music. Shyangden was born and grown up in the musical city of Darjeeling (Tukvar). Influenced by the musical environment of his birthplace phiroj started having interest in music since his childhood.
He came to Kathmandu in 1990 and started working in Gyanodaya school owned by Nirakar Yakthumba’s mother and started playing with him. Phiroj together with bassist Nirakar and drummer Bhanu Acharya formed the band in 1994 A.D. With his dark chocloaty voice Phiroj has influenced the youths with songs like gurasai fulyo, mayalule, parelima,Chyangba and the bloody revolution and many more. Phiroj has now exited the band for personal reasons. Currently he lives in New York and has embraced his solo journey. Besides his solo career he also performs at Himalayan Yak, a restaurant in New York, three nights a week, he also teaches guitar privately.

Here is an amazing folk melody and awesome cover by Phiroj shyangden from youtube posted four years ago. How many of you want a guitar lesson of it?