Musician Sanjal Bhandari in not an unknown name for Nepali musical industry. He had represented Nepal in “Guitar Master 2016 International Competition”. He was the only and the first Nepali guitarist to participate in the international competition.

More that his achievement in representing Nepal in the international platform, he is also well-known as a Nepali musician who plays fingerstyle guitar.

After the competition, Sanjal came up with the fingerstyle genre through his first debut album” Upside Down” released on September 27, 2016. All the tracks of his album have recorded at Joon Records. His expectation from his first album was that fans would know more about this genre in the local context at the same time.

Nowadays, Sanjal’s official music video and audio record have gone viral on social media including YouTube. His fans are extremely satisfied and they are appreciating this form of music and even youngsters are trying to play it as well.

In this video, we can see the guitarist showing his talent with the fingerstyle guitar playing. Watch this video and enjoy…