When it’s about the hard rock or heavy metal how can we miss the name Paul Gilbert (Paul Brandon Gilbert). He is one of the finest and technical guitarist in the rock and heavy metal genre. Gilbert has been voted fourth-best on GuitarOne magazine’s “Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time”. He has also ranked in Guitar World’s “50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time” list. In early 90’s he was in a band named “Mr.Big”. He is also well known as the co-founder of Mr.Big. After the disbandment of Mr.Big in 1996, gilbert started his solo career. He has released numerous solo albums.

All the artist in music world have their own musical taste and signature tone. To get the signature tone they may need various combination of guitars, amps, pedals and many more. So like the others, Paul Gilbert has his own taste. To get that tone he has got his own Ibanez PGM guitar. Most PGM model guitars have the same body shape as the Ibanez RG guitar models with removed tone knob and volume knob placed to Paul Gilbert’s personal preference. PGM guitar is also known for its versatility. You can get clean and natural acoustic sound in PGM guitars.

As we know that Gilbert is not only known for his shredding, he is an creative guitar maestro too. He modifies his own guitar to get his kind of tone. In this video Gilbert is using his 3 string PGM miKro guitar. With its shorter scale neck and smaller body, this guitar is ideal for younger guitarists and/or those with smaller hands that struggle with wider frets. At the same time, those with longer fingers will love being able to play deep bends with the looser strings and due to the shorter scale will find it easier to perform blistering feats. Great tone, great playability and great fun it’s time to try the PGM miKro. His all 3 strings are tuned to E. High E, Mid E and Low E. as he said it’s easier to play triads and arpeggio’s in this design.