Kripa Drishya Digital have been entertaining us with their jaw dropping unplugged session, inviting some of the country’s best musicians. The unplugged sessions on YouTube have millions and millions of views and have been widely loved and appreciated by the audiences. The enormous success and response that the previous seasons of the Kripa Unplugged 1 and 2 brought has led them to come up with an additional style of presentation this year i.e. the Highlander Ghar Ma Session along with The Kripa Unplugged Season 3 which soon kicking-off.

Highlander Ghar Ma Sessions is an intimate session with bands/artists and fans. Bands and artists perform in front of their biggest fans chosen from social media campaigns at different venues and some of the lucky ones are sent VIP Invitations to attend this private and intimate session  see to their favorite artists / bands perform some of their biggest hits while interacting with them one and one, sipping on some amazing cocktails courtesy Highlander Vodka. 

So far artists such as Sabin Rai and the Pharaoh, Rohit John Chettri, Monkey Temple have showed up in the Ghar Ma Session Season 1.  Have a look at Sabin Rai and his band The Pharaoh performing one of his many hits: Jau Ki Basu in the session, their second one in the first season after Timi Nai Hau.