Cobweb, is a pioneer Nepalese rock and reggae music band that was formed in 1993 by school companions. Cobweb is one of the most seasoned yet the most applicable band in Nepal and is a vital piece of Nepalese Rock History, known for mixing rock and reggae music with current western-impacted music, creative cover tunes and their unique gems.

The band is at present made out of Dive (Vocal/Guitar), Nilesh Joshi (Bass Guitar), Siddhartha Dhakhwa (Drums), Srijan Bikram Gewali (Lead Guitar) and Sanjay Aryal (Vocal/Bass). The band has delivered some famous collections like ‘Rock n’ Roll’, ‘Rolling Strings’, ‘Swing’, ‘Namaste’ and ‘Astitwa’ all of which have had real effect in the Nepalese Rock scene.

In this context let’s take a preview upon one of Cobweb’s best live performances. Video exhibits the live performance of Cobweb on “Sweet Child O’ Mine” which originally is by Guns N’ Roses. No doubt this has to turn outstanding as Cobweb has always enthralled the audience each time they perform.