We all know that the former lead guitarist of the Axe band Sarad Shrestha is the force behind the band Tumbleweed Inc. Sarad Shrestha, one of the top guitarists from Nepal, formed the band Tumbleweed Inc. in 2012 by collaborating with artists from different bands.

The current Tumbleweed Inc. lineup consists Ktm Souljah on vocals, Sarad Shrestha on Guitar, Prasant Maharjan on Bass and Roben Neupane on Drums. The sound of Tumbleweed is Rap metal core, influenced from Rage Against the Machine, LimpBizkit, Snot, etc. The band has also been engaged in various performances and have done gigs in places like Backyard Restro.

Now, here this band released their new song “Naya Shristi” and dedicated it to all Nepali who have been victims of the 2015 devastating earthquake, blockade that followed afterwards and the never-ending dirty politics. The song attempts to reignite the self awareness and beckoning social issues by putting across a powerful message “Nepal Will Stay Strong Always”.