It has been two years since the devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, yet the disaster is still claiming lives in the absence of promised relief. Baishak 12,2072 (April 25, 2015) is the black day in Nepalese history.

Nepalese never forget and remembrance that black on our history. That was a very hard time for us. We were lost our families and friends. The day we cannot take off from our minds. It’s a bitter memories in all Nepalese life.

More than nine thousand people killed and twenty thousand are injured. Thousand of families have been destroying forever. Hundreds of thousands of peoples were been made homeless with entire villages flattened.

The song is on the recognized by Earthquake. It’s the first song recorded and the first one out right after the earthquake by singer Yogeshwar Amatya. He has released his heart touching song “Barah Baishak” to memorialize the devastating earthquake of and in commemoration of all the lives lost and family affected by the earthquake.

Really, this is a very emotional and heart touching song even real video footage capture in shots. This song still gives us Goosebumps, every time. we should all be grateful that we’re still alive, And if we can survive that, we can survive anything. Amatya has create the concept of positivist in the lyrics.

This song dedicate to the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015 and in remembrance of all the lives lost and family affected by the earthquake. Prayers for the lost souls. Watch this video..