“Me & My Guitar” channel show has featured and introduced us to different and wonderful talents people who are now some of the most streamed Nepali cover artists on social media including YouTube.

“Me & My Guitar” wilderness season, the show has Ishan R Onta whose three cover songs has been released. The latest one has him performing most popular international Singer Aviccii’s song ” Wake Me Up”.

This cover of the 2013 hit also features Manice Gandharva from Panchamrit band on sarangi, while Ishan plays ukulele and sings the song.

This is definitely one of the best cover songs to have come from “Me & My Guitar” show. The song is arranged by Nattu Shah and the video that has been filmed in Godavari Botanical Garden is shot by Javed Khan and edited by Anup Sapkota.

Watch and enjoy this video..