Kathmandu: Shree 3 is Nepali 3 men band, comprising of 3 musicians who are active in a Nepali music scene since a long time back, who likes to play any kind of music as they want, from rock n roll blues to heavy metal, alternative to grunge/stoner/sludge metal/post-metal, as they believe music doesn’t have any boundaries. It is the brainchild of Sarad Shrestha, a popular guitarist in the Nepali music industry. It was formed in 2016 with Sarad Shrestha on vocals and guitar, Rozet Gurung on Bass and Robin Neupane on the drums.

Recently, they are back with the  New Official Music Video of  River. The song ‘River‘ is a tribute to all those disillusioned soldiers who were killed during Nepal Civil War (1996-2006) and to all the rest who lived, lead their normal lives later against all odds, disbelieving their so-called bloodsucking leech leaders. To a note, the Maoist liberation war was meant to change Nepal, but for many formers fighters, REALITIES do not. 

As well, they have been announced their “Album Launch Tour Nepal 2018”. They will be performing different cities with their upcoming debut album ‘द्रव्य धर्म ‘ this November. More detail coming soon.

Here is the official music video of the song!!