In the simplest form, human beatboxing is crafting sounds with the mouth. Although it initially began with people imitating basic drum noises, modern day beatboxing has evolved into full musical performances across numerous genres with an unthinkable variety of sounds.

Now, beatboxing is a bit different to vocal percussion in comparison to the late 70’s and 80’s age, because that is a very generic and limited term for making drum sounds with the mouth. Beatboxing is different because we try not to only sound like real drums, but also like beatboxes, drum machines, samples, loops, and electronic instruments.

There are countless videos portraying human beatboxing uploaded on social media that has led people react with ‘WOW’. However this video is something that can leave every viewer ‘drop their jaws and pop their eyes’. Video shows two young boys making beatbox of their own, and more shockingly the kids have not even taken any academic classes or trainings regarding it.

When DJ classes for children is a rage in Nepal, nowhere to be found, these Nepalese boys have enhanced the skill of beatboxing by their own. Facebook user Satish Dong Lama uploaded the video on his Facebook wall which has been viewed thousands of time and received positive reaction from viewers. Prabesh Lama and Sumit Lama, the performers of delineated video, also neighbor children of Satish, are the permanent residents of Rampur in Chitwan district, Nepal. The video has exhibited the impressive beatbox skills of two talented boys, filmed in the local area of Rampur, Chitwan.