When we think of loyal of metal music in Nepal and we will think of youngster and some adult men banging their heads with metal heavyweights like Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer and Sepulture in year 2000.

Moreover, we think about the first metal band of the Nepal and we will surely think that the one and only X-Mantra. They have already gained a solid cult following in the valley and their music and influences have made quite an impact on other major cities of Nepal.

Their first album made quite good impact on the Nepali metal scene. Until date band released 5 albums in the scene, 10 official music videos.

Good news for all metal fans that X- Mantra is again coming up with their new album entitled as ‘War in my head. However, X-Mantra has uploaded a short clip of the some wonderfully playing electric bass guitar and various guitar techniques in their official Facebook page.

Beautifully presented by their band’s guitarist, let us have a glimpse upon their upcoming album.