Karma Band’ is a one of the most popular musical band in Nepal and creates music on folk rock genre. This Nepali rock band has formed in the early 1996. Four young people got together and gave birth to a band called “Karma”.

Even commitment is one of the attributes they process. Two and three years of hard strong struggle had made their dreams turn into reality. Their album “Sahar Timro” on 1999 got them almost everything. Now, this bans is one of the top ten bands in Nepal. Until date, they are most popular band of Nepal.

They were amateurs who had just gotten in side the Nepali music industry. The band has many popular numbers including ‘Hukka Mero’, Kaha Hola Ghar Bar’, Ko Hau Timi’, ‘Yani Maya’, ‘Mauntama’, ‘Ekanta’, ‘Chaina Mailey Timro’.

Here we have a song “Yestai Kati” from their album “Naya Sapana” by Karma. Manish Basistha has written the lyrics for the song and composed the song as well as. This song sung by Singer Surendra Man Singh with his melodious vocal.