It has been more than three months since popular rapper Yama Buddha was passing away. Nepalese never forget and remember that black day. That was a very shocking new for musical field.

It is very hard to believe us that Yama Buddha suicide. Yama Buddha died on 14 January 2017. He was found dead in London on his bathroom. According to the report that the Yama committed suicide in his residence; cause of his death is mysterious.

Yama Buddha was one of the most prominent rappers in Nepal. He has better known by his stage name “Yama Budhha” but his real name is Anil Adhikari.

On Yama remembrance, Nepal Reports is organizing Yama Buddha Tribute event “Say No to Suicide” on May 30 the day of his birthday at Sydney.

The event based on motive is Say No to Suicide. Most popular Nepali rappers Uniq Poet along with Girish Khatiwada, Nishant Gauchan and other artists will perform on the event.