On 3rd March, Friday, famous bands and artists jointly hosting a tribute event for legendary music director Ranjit Gazmer at Udhyog  Banijya Hall, Giarepatan, Pokhara. This event presents by The Tuglan Restaurant & Bar as well jointly organized by Kandara Band and  Pokhara  Metropolitan City.

 Ranjit Gazmer is legendary music director of Nepal. He has been one musician to bring folk from the northeast to Hindi films. He worked under RD Burman in Mumbai, playing Nepali instrument “Madal” in several Hindi film songs. In 1982, Ranjit arranged for Asha Bhosle to sing her first Nepali film song. Since then he has composed music for several Nepali films such as Samjhana, Kusume Rumal , Lahure, Saino  and Darpan Chaya. He is based in Mumbai and records songs in the studios there. Ranjit Gazmer was a student of Amber Gurung at his Art Academy of Music in Darjeeling, India.

The show will start from 2:30 pm onward so be there for support to them.

Here is the detail of this event: