Now, Nepali music is highly influenced by rap, pop, rock, jazz music. Western music has a great influence in the modern music scene of Nepal.

Nepalese hip-hop is the Nepali form of hip-hop introduced in Nepal by Girish Khatiwada (NepHop). Its basics include MCing, DJing, B-boying, and graffiti writing. Rap culture has introduced in Nepal through the electronic DJs mixing the classical songs with the Western urban style.

In Nepal, we can found many rapper singers. Among them, Sawin Aka is one of the popular Nepalese Rapper on Nepal. Aka has presented his rapping via a rap song on YouTube that gained him popularity. ‘Chodi dey’ rap song is one of the most popular raps of Sawin Aka.

Since five years, his rapping career began. Sawin is rapper inspired from his own life and shares his feelings through song to kill his frustration.

‘Ganja Weed’ rap is new video of Sawin Aka. This amazing rap song officially video released on YouTube.