While music lovers and musicians may find no difficulty in recognizing Nepali music when they hear it, asking them to define it more often than not results in a confused reply. This is not surprising, since a satisfactory definition of Nepali music would have to consider the many sources of musical ideas that all, and have been, available to Nepali composers.

Music of Nepal refers to the different musical genres heard in Nepal. Genres like pop, rock, Nep-hop ko bato, folk, classical music, and ratna music are widely found, but many less common genres are yet to be cataloged.
Rap also sometimes appears on the Nepalese music charts. Many of the country’s musical bands are based in Kathmandu, especially the recent ones focused on pop and rock. Among them Lok Dhohori and old songs are evergreen for us.

In this video, Krazy Brother has wonderfully improvise and amazing fusion with madal and modern instruments.They have come up with a cover version of the most popular lok Dhohori song ‘Paan ko Paat’. The song was originally sung by most popular Lok Dhohori singer Ram Bahadur Karki.