Nepal’s leading music was found in its folk songs for until recent times. Now, Nepali music is highly influenced by rap, pop, rock, folk, and Classical music. Western music has a great influence in the modern music scene of Nepal.

Even though being a small country, Nepal has a rich variety of folk music and popular music. A variety of Nepali musical instruments like Madal, Mridhunga and Sarangi will be explained and most popular musicians of the likes of Narayan Gopal will be introduced us. Come and learn about the great musical traditions of the people of this mystique land.

In this video Nepalese artist has done amazing fusion of Nepalese instrument Bansuri and Tabala in this western song. They has come up with a cover version of the most popular English song ‘Let Me Love You’. The song was originally sung by most popular musician Justin Bieber.