Ashesh Dangol is one of the best guitarists of Nepal, Even most talented and popular International Blues artist musician in musical industry. Ashesh Dangol is lead singer of band Ashesh & Nekhvam. As well as, he has known as Himalaya Hendrix. Ashesh & Nekhvam is a historic band, which was an establishment of Ashesh.

Ashesh & Nekhvam are Nepal’s first blues-rock band with a unique blend of rock, blues and eastern rhythms. Nekhvam means “Crazy about music” or” Addicted to Music”. Nekhvam has formed back in year 1994 A. In addition, has come non-stop until today.

Ashesh & Nekhvam has been highly credited its mastery of music in the Blues front. Thus, Ashesh & Nekhvam has released their first debut album “Free Spirit” in the year 2004 A.D. All in all Ashesh & Nekhvam has been a long struggle as well as a notable success in the front of Blues in Nepal. Therefore, the blues note from Ashesh & Nekhvam indeed stirs a spirit of everlasting Blues.

Moreover, in the delineated video, it is a opportunity that Ashesh & Nekhvam has given his interview with Nepali E-Chrods. To know more about Ashesh & Nekhvam, watch the full interview.