Recalling the popular singers of late 90’s, the name ‘Deepak Bajracharya’ can never be missed. Ethnically belonging to the family engaged in sculpture business, Deepak was never interested in family business rather than music.

Deepak had keen interest in music since his childhood. However he did not get much support from his family rather than his mother. His mother would support him a bit just because it was her son’s dream and interest and convincing both his parents was a task difficult than actually starting out a career in the music industry.

Most people think one can never make a career out of music and discourage others from doing something out of it but Deepak believes that with hard work and dedication one can make a career in this industry and he himself is a living example of it. He is known for giving Nepali audiences a Latino music taste of music which is still a unique and new advent in the music industry of Nepal.

Apart from being a singer, he has also been chosen as the brand ambassadors of different brands and is also equally engaged in social works. And in the delineated video, it is a privilege that Deepak Bajracharya has given his interview in DCnepal hosted by Ms Sarmila Gurung. During the interview, Deepak Bajracharya has shared his interesting journey of music, his achievements, contributions and all the obstacles he has faced this date. Sharing some of the facts Deepak in the interview, he told that music is his addiction and the real satisfaction comes all from music. To know more about Deepak, watch the full interview.