Bipul Chhetri, a popular name among Nepalese youths is a Nepali language singer though born in Darjeeling, India. Bipul was introduced to music at an early age, probably when he was still in 3rd Grade.

After that, Bipul started learning classical guitar and years later, he presented the world with his first track – “Wildfire (Dadhelo)” which laid the foundation of his first Album – “Sketches of Darjeeling”. In an interview with him, Bipul told that he had uploaded his single titled ‘Widlfire’ in Soundcloud back in 2013 which got more than 240000 hits and the number is forever increasing.

Not only was it the first song that he composed for the album but it was the precursor to write more songs. One upon one the First Nepalese language singer to be endorsed by Epiphone guitars has shown off the Nepalese music with hit songs like ‘Syndicate’, ‘Ram Sailee’, ‘Asaar’, ‘Mann’, and so on.

Good news for all his fans that Bipul Chettri is again coming up with his another creation entitled as ‘Gairo Gairo’. The song is still in progress, however Bipul has uploaded a short clip of the song in his official YouTube page. Beautifully presented by Bipul Chhteri, let’s have a glimpse upon his upcoming song.