Courtney Love has shared some unpublished lyrics that Kurt Cobain wrote for Nirvana’s biggest hit ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.


The Hole frontwoman was taking part in Rob Harvilla’s podcast 60 Songs That Explain The ‘90s when she shared anecdotes about her relationship with Kurt Cobain, and some lyrics that the singer had written for Nirvana‘s most famous track.The episode in question was Harvilla’s first one back, following a three-month hiatus. Taking part as a guest for the episode, Love explained how she came to be a fan of the podcast, and provided fans with an insight into the Nirvana frontman’s writing process.Alongside numerous anecdotes — including how Cobain wrote his 1993 track ‘Dumb’ in just 20 minutes when the pair were in Amsterdam — Love also shared some of his unpublished lyric ideas, originally written for what would soon become ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.“Some of these were in these journals, and some of them are unpublished,” she explains, proceeding to recite some lyrics. “Come out and play / make up the rules / I know I hope / to buy the truth / who will be the king and queen / of all the outcasted teens” before the chorus kicks in: “We’re so lazy / and so stupid / blame our parents / and the cupids / a deposit, for a bottle / stick it inside / no role model“, the first set of lyrics read.