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Krity Sharma


Did You Listen to Imagine Dragon’s New Song ‘Bone’

Bones,” a new single from Imagine Dragons, has been released. Mattman & Robin created...

Sacar Announces Release of New Song Again!!

Sacar has got his fans all excited again with the announcement of his new...

New Year 2079 With Nepathya~ Live In Damak

Legendary band Nepathya is performing live at Damak on the ocassion of new year...

Piyush Shakya~ Know The Finalist Of John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Piyush Shakya(Le’Ridge Stereo) from Kathmandu has been selected as finalist and semi-finalist  of two...

Sacar releases song ‘Love Intermission’ from his album ‘Ecstasy In The Palace’

Sacar has dropped the 11th song ‘Love Intermission’ from his new album ‘Ecstasy In...

Know Your Judge ~Nephop ko Shreepech~Girish Khatiwada

Nephop ko Shreepech is first ‘Rap Reality show of Nepal’, and talented rappers such...

5 best songs of 1974 AD that you shouldn’t miss out

1974 AD, who have been shaking the Nepali music industry for more than 25...

Unheard Nepali Band~MutthiFist

Have you heard this song named,’Euta Goli (Timro Naam Ma) ??? You probably haven’t....
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