Whose fault – A Security Officer Doing Her Mere Duty or An Artist in a Hurry?

Singer Astha Raut’s social media video dooming the police department got viral within a very short span. Astha Raut, who came into the limelight as one of the judges of Voice of Nepal Season 2, posted a Facebook live condemning a police personnel at the airport whom she claims to have been misbehaved by at the check point.

Agonized by the incident, Astha, expressed her disappointment with offensive words and defaming the police department. Incidents of celebrities being detained and harassed in the airports is obviously not a new news. Even artists like Sharukh Khan – the king of Bollywood – have been detained by the airport security times and again and that too for hours. Similar is the case with Metallica’s frontman James Hatfield, who was stopped by the security officials at London Airport in 2007 for his questionable beard.

Having mentioned such incidents with global artists, the incident of Astha being asked to take off her jacket by a security personnel on-duty seems completely normal, rational and legitimate. The rules, regulations and policies are there for a reason and apply to everyone equally regardless of who you are and how rushed you may be. If the security officers ask you to remove your jacket, you do it. You don’t ask them how they should conduct their duty because you are in a hurry to catch a flight.

However, Astha did later realize her mistake and publicly apologize for her out of proportion reaction.  She has appealed the law enforcement agencies to develop ethical behaviors and protocols while dealing with the public.

After all that happened, this incident does beg a question if Nepali celebrities like Astha should be entitled for a privileged airport entrance like Hollywood stars do in Los Angeles (LAX) airport so that they can walk in through the security 5 min before the take-off time with a coffee cup on hand and jacket on?  Just saying…

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