Ronnie Baker Brooks (born January 23, 1967) is an American Chicago blues and soul blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. He was a respected club performer in Chicago, before recording three solo albums for Watchdog Records. The son of fellow Chicago blues musician Lonnie Brooks, he is the brother of another blues guitarist, Wayne Baker Brooks.

Allmusic journalist, Andy Whitman, described Brooks as “… a better than average soul singer, a fine blues interpreter, and a monster guitarist with an ample supply of technique and passion.”

It’s not often you see a child with this much talent and stage presence ‘Toby Lee’, age 12, is the real deal. It’s no wonder Lee was asked to play with Chicago blues guitarist Ronnie Baker Brooks in this performance. Watch him playing extraordinary guitar solo with Ronnie in this video. Even when he was only 10 he used to play blues guitar like the best of them. Bravo!