Uniq Poet Free-styling In Suraj Singh Thakuri’s Its My Show season 3

Most of the youths who listen to Nepali hip-hop already know about Uniq Poet. Utshana Joshi known by his hip hop name Uniq poet gave himself this name inspired by Tupac‘s title Thug Poet. He removed thug and replaced it with uniq as he wanted to be uniquely recognized in whatever he was doing. And yes he is been successful in doing so, as we see his craze nowadays.

He got in the eyes of the public from the time when he rap battled against another rapper Laure on Raw Barz. He was sixteen yrs old when he first added bars to the beat. He recorded his first mixtape titled “Truth Be Told” with Pri Gurung as the Producer, under the supervision of Late Yama Buddha.

He became unrecognized for some period, but now as we can see he is one of the name that comes to our minds when someone talks about Nepali Hip-Hop. He has recorded many songs and collaborated with many nationals and international artists.

Uniq Poet has been seen freestyling about mental health and other dark issues all the youth is facing nowadays very powerfully on the stage of It’s My Show. It’s My Show with Suraj Singh Thakuri is a new hit Nepali television talk show. Like every TV program hosted by Suraj Singh Thakuri, It’s My Show has been superhit Nepali show from its first episode and liked by Nepalese and Non-Nepalese throughout the world. It is broadcast every Saturday at 9:00 PM on Kantipur Television.

Mero Desh Bimari Cha is Joshi’s latest released song which is still trending on YouTube.

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