90s is considered a golden era in Nepali music industry. Early 90s witnessed a surge in band formations and flooding in Nepali pop songs. As TV channels and local FMs started to give regular air-time to pop music, bands and artists with the likes of Crossroads, Nepathya, 1974 AD, Nabin Bhattarai, Nima Rumba gained massive popularity and soon became household names.

By late 90s and early 2000s, hundreds of bands had been formed and thousands of Nepali songs had been recorded. Over the time, many artists left the music scene altogether and many bands vanished without a trace for one reason or another. There are, however, few singers who have been actively writing music, and consistently serving their fans with one hit after another for decades.

As we look back, we would like to honor top 20 those singers whose music and songs have inspired, influenced and enchanted generations of music lovers. Their continued dedication, devotion and contribution have helped Nepali music industry to grow, mature and prosper. Much credit to these artists for laying down the path that what seemed to be an impossible feat at one time, it is now possible for a Nepali musician to make a comfortable living of a music career.

20) Swapnil Sharma

Band: The Shadows Nepal
Hit Songs: Hidne Manchhe Ladcha, Prakriti, Naya Nepal

19) Surendra Man Singh

Band: Karma
Hit Songs: Hukka Mero, Timro Maunata Ma, Kaha Hola Gharabara, Yedi

18) Robin Tamang

Band: Robin & Looza, Robin & New Revolution
Hit Songs: Bhool Ma Bhulyo, Keta Keti, Chiso Chiso, Dum Mare Dum

17) Divesh Mulmi

Band: Cobweb
Hit Songs: Mercedez Benz, Maryo Ni Maryo, Namaste, Mero Lagi

16) Sugam Pokhrel

Hit Songs: Kati Din Bite, Pheri Tyo Din, Maya Ko Bato, School Pathsaala

15) Deepak Bajracharya

Band: Littluns, Deepak Bajracharya & Rhythm Band
Hit Songs: Kali Kali, O Amira, Maya ko Dori le, Man Magan

14) Nima Rumba

Band: The Peace, Nima Rumba
Hit Songs: Aai Deu Priya, Priti Basyo, Ms Catwalk, Huri Batas, Juneli Raat Ma

13) Shirish Dali

Band: Albatross
Hit Songs: Timi Bhane, Nischal, Khaseko Tara, Shristi Ra Dristi

12) Shiva Mukhiya

Band: The Axe
Hit Songs: Chiya Bari Ma, Praye Sadhai, Lukna Deu, Simana

11) Sanjay Shrestha

Band: CrossRoad
Hit Songs: Maya Meri Maya, Anjaan Mayalu, Aakasha Ko Joon Hera, Kati Din Bityo

10) Nabin Bhattarai

Band: The Steel Wheels, Nabin Bhattarai
Hit Songs: Aankha Ma Timilai, Raat Bityo, Sanjha Pakha, Ye Jhari

9) Raju Lama

Band: Mongolian Heart
Hit Songs: Sayad Timro Batoma, Mero Nepal, Badal Pariko Desh, Timilai Dekhera

8) Bipul Chettri 

Band: Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band
Hit Songs: Wildfire, Asaar, Ram Sailee, Syndicate

7) Jeewan Gurung

Band: The Edge
Hit Songs: Nachayeko Hoina, Kasari, Thaha Chhaina, Samhine Mutu

6) Phiroj Shyangden

Band: 1974 AD
Hit Songs: Parelima, Gurasai Fulyo, Timilai Pirati Le, Samjhi Baschhu

5) Yama Buddha

Hit Songs: Aama, Malami, Saathi, Paisa

4) Mukti Shakya

Band: Mukti & Revival
Hit Songs: Chaubandi Cholo, Nahera Malai, Kanchhi Nani Blues, Ghar Jam

3) Sabin Rai

Band: Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh, Sabin Rai & The Elektrix
Hit Songs: Gurasa Ko Fed, Din ra Raat, Malai Angali, Timi Nai Hau

2) Adrian Pradhan

Band: 1974 AD, Adrian Pradhan & Friends
Hit Songs: Man ta Mero Nepali Ho, Hidda Hiddai, Birsera Malai, Nabhana Mero

1) Amrit Gurung

Band: Nepathya
Hit Songs: Resham, Taal Ko Paani, Laampate Surati, Yo Jindagani

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