Music is a precious gift by mankind to mandkind. Music is what everyone tends to adore. It adds colour to life. It is our best friend.Music can takes us to the paradise.So in a way, music today is mandatory.

Scientifically speaking, music is nothing but a sound that your brain interprets when air hits on your ear drum as a consequence of someone playing an instrument. Not a normal breeze, but an episode of pressure waves. Playing a musical instrument is a hard nut to crack espescially when it comes to learning and mastery of any instrument.It requires a lot of practice, dedication and patience. We have come a long way since the early days in the history of music; from Bach and Beethoven to Justin Bieber and Jeniffer Lopez. In between has evolved countless of instruments.

Here are the top 10 lists of the hardest instruments to play based on the level of difficulty publsihed by Watch Mojo. Enjoy..