Sabin Rai is a name in the Nepali music who hardly needs any introduction. Sabin’s career has spanned several generations, and yet his music remains remarkably appealing till date. His captivating vocals and poetic approach to music are as distinct and unforgettable. His ability to express the inexpressible through his love songs have given the listeners an outpouring of uncontainable love with songs like Timi Nai Hau, Namuna, Gurasa Ko Fed Muni, Samjhana, Kalo Kalo Raat, Jau Ki Basu, etc. to name a few. Known for his husky, romantic voice Sabin’s song are undoubtedly a love anthem for most listeners.

Recently, Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh were seen performing one of their songs Timro Lagi in the Tuborg Open Session 2. The song with Sabin’s aching vocals basically portrays a man reflecting on being hurt by someone he loves. Have a look at the session here:

Song: Timro Laagi
Vocals: Sabin Rai
Vocals/ Bass: Jeevan Lama
Drums: Binod Lama Tamang
Guitar: John Shrestha / Nikesh KC

Session Musicians:
Vocals: Kushal Karki
Keys: Daniel Subba