Nowadays, making the band is not a big deal in Nepal but to be continues and sustain in musical market is much important. Whereas, we can find lots of bands in the music market and many of them popular in short time from their magical performance.

Generally, most of the musical bands are based in Kathmandu. Yet there is a band called AstrA making soulful records. AstrA, is a band formed on 2072, set to explore the musical journey that they feel going around in the land of Himalayas. Their song inculcates various emotions of life as life unfolds.

AstrA currently has four members.

  • Bibek Maharjan  – Lead Vocalist and Lyricist
  • Anil Rai – Lead Guitarist and Back Vox
  • Nishal Maharjan – Drummer/Percussion
  • Suzen Raj Vajracharya -Bass guitar

Basically, this band’s genre is pop, rock, folk rock, funk, rock, yet they feel to explore various genres as the melody and vibe carry. Now, this band coming soon of launching their First Debut EP even they are busy on it.

“Nepal Bandai Cha” AstrA recorded this song in 2015, a year that brought devastating events and very difficult times to Nepal. This song is dedicated to all the people of Nepal, those who lost their loved ones, those who give a helping hand wherever they can, those who manage to keep up a good spirit even in hard times. Enjoy it….!!!!!

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