Kathmandu, on August 19, 2017, Three awesome Nepali rock bands Shree 3, Kaagaz and Leftist has performed their first stage show at Club 25 Hours, Tangal.  Kaagaz and Leftist has opened with their rocking performances on this show. These three bands has mesmerized the crowd by their rocking performance. This event has been organized by LIVE & LOUD Events, supported by club 25 Hours and Silence Entertainment and Pandora’s Jukebox.

Shree 3 is a three member band of experienced musicians. It is the brainchild of Sarad Shrestha, a popular guitarist in the Nepali music industry. It was formed in 2016 with Sarad Shrestha on vocals and guitar, Rozet Gurung on Bass and Robin Neupane on the drums.

They believe that music doesn’t have any boundaries and respect every genre and are determined to present all music forms to its audiences. They have already released their two singles titled songs “Sanity Wreck” and “Eutai Antya” on YouTube, more composition to be released soon.On this show Shree 3 sang their few new songs SuntaliMonkBipana Kosish and  River( Shamans & Angels).

Kaagaz is one of the Nepali grunge band with Shaurav (of the band KUSH), coming up with their EP soon. The band of normal human beings making raw, abstract, spontaneous, organic music; their lineup with Shaurav Bhattarai (on lead vocals), Sashank Khadka (on guitar & vocals), Binur Kayashta (on drums/percussion), and Suzen Bajracharya (on bass). They sang their songs,introKaagaz, Rasayan, Bhukkampa,.Laato and Junkie Blues.

Leftist is also one of the pure Nepali rock band, they support whole species and genres of music through our genre of playing. They play sound punk, funk, grunge, metal, sludge, hard rock, hardcore, reggae, folk, fusion or sometimes confusion. Even they believes in all genres of music, their lineup with Hemanta Rai (on vocals & guitar), Nabin Khadka (on guitar), Sulav Jung (on bass), and Susan Gurung (on drums).They have already released their singles titled songs “Dhuwaa”, on this show they sang their new songs, Leftist, Katee ni kaat , Bhrama and Adhero.

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